Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flying from Europe to the US

After an 8,5 hrs flight with our sweet kids, me and Ralph are very tired.
This was our first long flight with both monsters and it was ok.
What would you expect from a three year old girl and a six month old baby being "imprisoned" on an aeroplane seat for such a long time?

We had brought toys and snacks and who knows what else - Mary Poppins would have been envious of my diaper-bag!!!
Anyway, we made it and it was not too bad.

Meals were probably the messiest moment: four people and three seats, three unplanned diaper changes, an undesired wet t-shirt meant we returned our empty trays after an hour or so.

We landed safely at JFK, on Long Island, with wonderful weather and the most beautiful sight on New York; waited to get our rental car - another minus in the whole organization, getting at first one car with a trunk that wasn't big enough for 2 suitcases - and talking about a one year stay we were very brave!!!

Jet-leg wasn't a big problem, though. Bastian was awake very early the day after the flight, but he is anyway an early bird (yawn...).

The initial tiredness and excitement are slowly being replaced by a feeling of desperate awareness that  NOW we are here and there is quite a lot to be done!!!!

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