Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ralphaccino...where do we go?

...cause we found a very good place where to eat ice-cream.
It may sond funny to you, but it is a chain called Ralph's famous italian ices. Well, let's forget about gelato for a second and think more about a very thick, tasty and creamy crushed-ice dessert. It is GOOD and I definitely like the idea that this has my husband's name and it was founded by a southern italian ice-cream man: a perfect mixture of german reliability and italian foodability -neologism?here creating new words is a favourite past-time.
The above mentioned parlor has an own version of the well known Starbucks Frappuccino:
it's called Ralphaccino.
Would it be cheap fun?Maybe.


Elisa said...

The Ralphaccino sounds good! Is it a Mocha Ralphaccino, or can you add any flavor you choose?

marianna said...

Ralphaccino mocha
Ralphaccino latte

not the flavour's choice of S.,'s ok!