Sunday, August 2, 2009


...things are happening fast in the last days and I can't keep the pace, but there is something I want to say about friends.
As we came here we knew we wouldn't be alone: some old (not actually old, of course) friends live here: Bob (also called zio Clooney) and Nancy, an Italian colleague of Ralph, Marge and Don...
But also Mauro, Ralph's friend and colleague from Abano will be here for six months -I know he wishes his family could be here too, but to his regret that wasn't possible - and SURPRISE SURPRISE our Korean friends Kiman and family are going to be here too.

One of my dearest friend is moving to Korea, so I will think about her even more now.

Friends are important and being able to meet many of them while we are here is luck and a privilege.

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