Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gelato da Gabriele

Last night we were at Gabriele's for dinner.
His a very fun person and his family is really sweet.
So...let's talk about sweetness!He is an incredibly good ice-cream maker.
He probably has an ice-cream maker BUT he is mastering the machine.
So, now I have to be careful not to become addict, since he might have things to do other than throwing ice-cream parties with 13 - yes, you got it right, 13 - flavors, including tiramisu, cinnamon, blackberry, mango, safran (he is from Milan that's explains it) and so on.

Gabriele's VS Ralph's ices 1 to 0


Manuela said...

Wow anche il gelato!!! Guarda io invece cosa ho trovato girovagando in rete, ovviamente ho pensato subito a te. Buon weekend a tutti, Manu


marianna said...

mhhh, interessante!!forse dovrebbero mettere anche la mia faccia sull'etichetta. Scherzo...