Thursday, August 6, 2009

A place called...kind of home

We are about to find a place - not the container on site - where we will be spending the next eleven months.
It's going to be in Port Jefferson.
At the beginning we were pretty unsure whether it would have been a house or an apartment, but why have a house you can't really enjoy - two kids are reason enough - and why be isolated?and why leave lot of empty room and...?
Besides, houses in Port Jefferson are often on top of hills - I will have to win the bad feeling about steep streets and curves I suppose.
So we had a look at a couple of apartments, thinking back and forth, still unsure about some details - two or three bedrooms, basement or not, how many bathrooms, price, kind of development.
Then our friend Mauro, who is looking for a place to stay for the next six months, said he could be our "roommate" and thus help us with the rent.

That said, we had to reconsider couple of things again and in the end we decided that we will be sharing a three bedroom (2,5 ba) apartment with him.

It is a nice apartment, not too fancy, not too big;me and Ralph fell in love with the small dining corner: being an end unit it has three windows around the dining table and lot of light.
The location is also alright: not in the town center - that would have been almost impossible to rent - but still not far; the railroad is also in walking distance - well, we might not even consider sitting in the train for two hours to go to NYC, we might really take the car to the next subway station.
Anyway, today or tomorrow we'll talk to the realtor again: after he said we have a go, there are some other things we want to talk about. He is a third generation italian, but he is much smarter than we. He is a realtor and we couldn't deal a penny, that's what makes me feel bad.
Guess I got live with that.

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