Friday, September 18, 2009

I scream for ice-cream

Today I went downtown...Rocky Point downtown, that is.
It's a small nest between the hills and route 25A, couple of stores, some restaurants and a CVS pharmacy.

I walked in to the Italian food market - mostly meat, so I couldn't care less - and a dozen expired cookie boxes - colors fading away made me just curious, so I checked before stuffing my head with the thought of delicious cappuccino filled wafers...

Across the street there's a small pizzeria - unimportant details, since what attracted me most was the sign of Mc Nulty's ice-cream, which is one of the best so called "Italian-ice" around here.
So I asked the young woman behind the counter if we could have an ice-cream and she was pretty offended, meaning "it's not's Italian ice".

I had wanted to, but I didn't dare asking her for the difference, because I am an ice-cream junkie, so call it the way you want, it just has to be good.

BUT it was probably as expired as the above mentioned wafers.
Bad ice-cream sucks.
Anyway it all could have ended in a racial issue, since she gave me the thing in a squeeze cup.


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