Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know, I thought I was lost in translation and I didn't want to go back to the States but I am back, even after the 12 hour long flight and the usual stop at Washington - late because of weather delay, missed the connecting flight, short night at the Marriot and flight the next day (I could get used to that procedure).
After recovering from some jet-leg, I realized I am well behind schedule with my posting and now I have to report about our trip.
Let's start from


After flying from NY La Guardia to Washington Dulles and from there to Narita, we were taking the train to Odawara, which is not far away from Chigasaki.
We decided to spend a night in Odawara before getting to Kobe, because we wanted to meet Chizuko - see previous post and picture - and also because we wanted to have some sleep between the long flight and the Shinkansen ride.

We arrived on the very day the tropical storm Melor hit the coast in the Tokyo area. The wind was quite strong, local trains were canceled and so I couldn' t meet Chizuko, but we made it to Odawara castle, one of Japan's largest.

have a look at the sky...

Although local trains didn't run, the fast Shinkansen was able to take us to our final destination: Kobe.

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