Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kobe is a rather international city: it has a large harbor, a number of ethnic restaurants, an area where a bunch of European homes were built - a little Shanghai without ever being as crowded as Shanghai.
The big earthquake in 1995 destroyed most of it, so I can't be sure of how much of the original flavor remains.

One of my favorite areas was the Motomachi area, bustling with life and packed with small shops and restaurants, mostly located under arcades or under the railroad (saving room is a national sport).
On top of that, add the small but busy Chinatown, a place where you might forget for a while you are in Japan and where the intense and delicious smell of dumplings and Peking duck rolls fill the air. How did it go?
Give me a gate and I'll turn it into a Chinatown?

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