Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rope-way and Herb Garden

Here comes one of the toughest part of our Kobe tour...
After running around so much, Carlotta finally decided that she was ready to be transported.
In Kobe Kitano, literally the northern area of Kobe, there are mountains from which you can enjoy a wonderful sight of the city and take a stroll through the herb garden, where you can find some hidden beauties.
The price to pay to get there - and we aren't talking about the entrance fee - is a ten minute ride on the rope-way.
As you probably know, I don't quite like the heights...for a number of reasons.

Can you picture me on such a trap?

These are some pics I could take; if you mean they are not good it's because everything was shacking!!

If going up wasn't enough....

but the view is great

ain't it?

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