Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kyoto and the Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market stand

From Teramachidori

If you are a temple freak - like I was and still partly am - Kyoto is the place to be.
The first time in Kyoto, nine years ago, I was desperately craving for illumination, so this time I decided to take it easy - it is part of that illumination to know that you don't enjoy temples while your kids are complaining and crying because they are tired or hungry - or just because to them torii - the gate in front of shinto shrines - all look alike and Buddha is only a fat man (I try to see through the eyes of a child, of course to me THERE ARE substantial differences!!!).

Kobe is a convenient location for a day trip to Japan's ancient capital, so I took this opportunity and got on the local trains to reach Kyoto and stroll around, visit the Nishiki Market and, as part of the deal, walk through Teramachi Street (寺町通 teramachidōri) a shopping arcade surrounded by temples - or the other way round.

Not long ago I had read about anko (red-bean paste) kit-kat and I was struggling to find it in supermarkets or combini (convenient stores), instead I found this....

For a new kind of tea-ceremony.

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