Thursday, November 5, 2009


Guess I need to make a pause in my Japan's telling.
Because since we're back many things happened: Carlotta had her fourth birthday, she got back to pre-school and the routine prevented my spleen from narrating more fun stories.
Also, when we got back, our roommate told us he was going back to Italy. I will leave the details, because it's all very personal, but the main motivation was that his family needed him more than ever and to me this a good enough reason to take such decision.
November is a quite depressing month.
If you split from your partner in November you're more likely to be sad than if you'd do that in June...for example. They call it winter blues, in some exclusive circle.
November is the month of the dead: I used to go to the cemetery with my parents and relatives to remember dead family-members.
My father used to be very bored and hung his jacket on one of the wall-tombs - guess this is what you do when you're bored.
After all the praying and saying we would go back home and eat pastries from our local bakery. This is also what you do if you are bored: eat. Or if you are sad.
I don't like November. In spite of chestnuts.


Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

I don't like November either. It's that in-between feeling, the rain and fog and all. At least in December it's full-blown winter.

I'm sorry your roommate is going away! I hope you find someone new soon.

mari said...

it's cold and windy and blech...
too much scarf and gloves outfit, not my cup of tea!

alessia salvalaio said...

our former local bakery is now a gay club