Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6, 7, 8 busy bee.

On Sunday we did make it to the City, managed to find a free parking spot not far from Moma and we enjoyed the Bauhaus exhibit...Carlotta was busy eating her candy necklace and she didn't complain much and Bastian was fine.
Visiting museums with kids isn't always a piece of cake - and if you add to it that in winter you need half an hour to get dress, then undress and maybe go to the restroom just when you would like to see the last rooms or the last work of art then it all becomes more a stress than a pleasure.

I am very glad though that Carlotta liked at least one of the works of Bauhaus: a stained glass composition of Albers, that is.
Well, it was colorful and very pretty and not so strict like many of the other works of art.

No, let's don't start a discussion about art, I am trying to think with the mind of a four year old girl.

To turn this a bit, I'll tell you about the game she wanted to play yesterday afternoon: she said we were supposed to play "mom with son and daughter". She was to be the mom.
It was very interesting, 'cause she asked me where I wanted to go and so I started acting like she would sometimes - maybe exaggerating a bit.
"I want to go to NYC, no...I want to go to the library...no, I want to go eat ice-cream". She was kind of surprised but accepted the "eat ice-cream" option"saying "OK, but one scoop chocolate ice-cream in a small cone" and on I went "No, two scoops in a large cone" and she "A small cone for you and a big one for me"..."No, I will be eating ice-cream, not you!!!".

And there she pull out the lesson: "If you are acting like this, then you won't eat any ice-cream".

Did I ever complain she is not listening to me?There you go, "mom".

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