Thursday, December 10, 2009

9 and 10

As much as I promised myself NOT to follow the Advent Calendar tradition, as much as I tried to avoid stuffing my daughter with presents she doesn't need, you can be sure that she is having this year too a nice treatment. Which she doesn't deserve, because she doesn't do anything to make ME happy. But is it the role of kids or the role of parents to make one happy?

Bet you know the answer.

And it's nice to see her smiling face every morning when she gets up - usually she would be in a very bad mood, no matter if she has slept 7 or 12 hours!!! - because she knows there is a small packet waiting to be open by her anxious hands.

She really gets small stuff, like Xmas stamps, a colorful soap, small books, stickers...

But this year I've got a present too. We. No, me. It's me the "at home" parent, so I am the one using that more often. It's an internet radio, so I can listen to my favorite programs.
I love some Italian radio programs.
Some I hate.
The noisy kind irritates me.
Besides there are radio speakers who talk like dockers. Seriously, why do I have to listen to that language even when they are talking about important issues?
And why on hell is this happening during the day when lot of kids are home and listen to such crap?

Aren't we earning already a bad reputation abroad?Aren't we trying to get rid of this bad reputation?
Well, yes, if there is radio SOMEONE out of their own little bunker is listening!

I get angry about that, because this offensive language is one reason Italians aren't taken seriously and guess what?Here there are a lot of second or third generation Italians who are proud or at least want to be proud of their background. So I am getting angry for them too.
Obviously I don't listen to this kind of programs, if not by accident, and I don't want to promote censorship, just...are good manners really so unimportant?Aren't non-said words often funnier than those that are repeated until we drop?

Maybe I am an old lady inside, anyway it suits to my habit of looking for coins out of my purse 'till the cashier cries.

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