Monday, December 28, 2009

And the child was born!!!

One year has fast.
The last two Christmases I haven't been so much into celebrating or decorating.
This year my baby boy turns one and this is a very special occurrence itself.

And...last year, as you might well imagine, I was very much concentrating on myself and on "how the delivery would be" and - most important - how fast it would be.
If you've ever heard stories of endless deliveries - which are very common with first borns - just forget about that.

Since I had spent about three hours in delivery room for Carlotta, it was for me quite obvious that it would be faster with the second child.
The fast and the furious.

I like to start the story with me having the first contraction while drinking tea and eating cookies but I will spare the details because I don't want to upset your stomach after the feasts.
Let's just say that Bastian was born 2 hours and 15 minutes after that first contraction and again I got tea and cookies as a treat...
The midwife meant I could also have a shower and start off as if it all had been a spa session.

So here are a few pictures of Bastian's first year

one day old

six months old at Grandma's

with "big sister"

first (American) love - you ain't getting any!!!

crawling on the carpet at the lab

sitting and smiling...?

sleepyheads on futon

winter outfit

Happy birthday Bastian, sweetheart!


alessiasalvalaio said...

quel principio di crisi epilettica in braccio a sua nonna รจ assolutamente giustificata..:)

Alida Thorpe said...

He is a beautiful one year old. Congratulations!!
And happy new year!

Aria said...

ti lascio un saluto e complimenti per i due bimbi ripresi nelle foto

dede said...

sono un po' in arretrato con le letture, buon compleanno in ritardissimo

Mari said...

thanks a lot!!!
My little man is now walking and making everything a bit more complicated...but this is definitely the 2010 work-out I need after so many cookies!