Saturday, December 5, 2009

Three, four and five...

I am very bad at counting, very bad in sticking to plans and schedules, in a word...busy mom of two kids.
We had a quite intense week, even though we didn't do unusual things.
Bastian is very active, which means he tries to walk along any walls, or just crawls away to be found in the most inappropriate places of the house, so whatever I am doing there are interruptions and lot of running around involved.
It's fun, but it always seems there is no way to finish what one begins.

The weather was also kind of crazy lately, one day you needed to wear just a sweat-shirt, the next day you needed a winter coat, so we had to plan our activities accordingly.
Yesterday was a wonderful day, one of those that makes you want to walk along the beach and collect pebbles - how many did I collect in the last months I don't know - but the wind was so strong that in the end I decided to just have a walk in Port Jefferson, which is one of the nicest towns on the North Shore, with a harbor and some nice shops.

Without the wind it was very enjoyable.

Today we were forced to stay home being unpleasantly rainy, windy and very cold.

Anyway, the weather forecast is good for tomorrow: it should be cold but sunny and we plan to go to NYC, hopefully it will work.
We'd like to visit the Museum of Natural History or the Moma: if Nikolaus is bringing enough diversions for Carlotta then even modern art is fine.
Don't know what she will think about Bauhaus, but maybe the Tim Burton exhibition could amuse her for a while.

Ralph has bought a second car - how bad is it that we got to this?
But truth is that he needs a car to go to work and I need a car to go around with the kids.
With that I like driving less than before, but there is no escape....

Happy Nikolaus!

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