Monday, December 21, 2009

White - and wet- Christmas

On Saturday it was snowing on Long Island, too.
This is probably a snow landscape I hadn't seen before, even if there were snowy winters in Venice when I was a kid - and this year too, to tell the truth.
Have a look at this...isn't it amazing?

Very beautiful pics of the snow on Long Island were posted by Bill Drago on The Long Island Blog.

What am I doing while the snow is still on the ground?
Bake cookies: I took the chance to try a recipe I got from my friend Marge.
Usually I am very experimental with sweet stuff, which means everything turns out a bit different from expected...and actually I did add a secret ingredient.
Still, these cookies will be renamed "Marge's cookies", because I like the idea that there is a person behind every recipe.

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