Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meetings after meetings

Marty and Irma - on the left - on their pontoon boat

What was I doing lately, apart from running after my son who is now a professional walker?
Some days ago we had some Lab related meetings, meaning that there were colleagues-friends coming over to Long Island for work, which led to some dinner and nice talk afterward.
We met our friend Marty - who used to be Ralph's colleague back in 2000, in Chicago - and Shen Pen - a Chinese Californian colleague with whom we were sharing our compartment on the night-train from Shanghai to Beijing two years ago: thanks to his human engineering AND knowledge of chinese language we managed not to spend the night with perfect strangers.

Aren't we relaxed?

We were all invited at Nancy and zio Bob's (that's how Carlotta calls him) place and had a very good time, with me trying to protect the kids from Sierra (their dog).
If you know how scare I am of dogs - childhood shock - then it might sound amusing...
We were all brave, indeed, and let Sierra swipe our crumbs and (hi hi) get Carlotta's slippers.

We then managed to go eat at the local steakhouse (not much fish on Long Island...) - just when I had convinced Carlotta that we could try another place, my work was annihilated by ignoring husband: that's why talking about stupid details matters, I guess.

The one dinner we skipped was probably the most exciting, though, because it was in Flushing, where you can find a large Chinatown.
Supposedly it's even more dumpling filled than the one in New York City. SURPRISE.
Let's not mention that Flushing hosts a large Korean community too - which adds a hint of garlic to the (melting) pot.

So, now Flushing is the one spot to be visited - what do you think I am planning for the next Chinese New Year celebration?I'd love to see it, even if I must confess I don't quite like the idea of dragging the kids into the crowds.

We - me and the kids, that is - joined a Music Together class with my friend Jane and her little daughter Julia (who's a month older than Bastian - but a lot lighter, which is worth telling as a sign of my activity - me, the anti-sport).
It's a fun thing we did when Carlotta was about two years old, but now it's even more interesting, because she speaks English and plays with Bastian who seems to love music too - this is one of the many words he immediately recognizes.
No, I am not a super fan of franchising activities in general, but I know that my kids like music - probably every kid does - and it is nice to make them approach it in a fun way - no Mozart when they were fetuses...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thinking about it

I don't want to be talking rubbish right now: found something interesting here.
Disaster may happen anywhere, but if you have neither the infrastructure nor enough help, then it can be a catastrophe...

What can we do?Someone had an interesting idea.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Galani Crostoli Chiacchiere Frappe Bugie

I saw these at a near by Stop & Shop and I was wondering if anyone here knows the name of this Carnival treat as there is no name on the box...
But me, I come from Venice so you can bet I know what they are...
(which reminds me of the original intention of my posting - I really got lost reading a blogger diatriba and the news - Jeeez...).

Anyway, since I want to keep it light today, I figured out I should share some pictures - sorry Elisa, I wanted to post something of 2009, but now I am in a Carnival mood.

Local coach parade near Venice - no snow, but confetti...

Stand -by me! Fritters, another Venetian treat

Crowd in front of the Basilica, Venice

Self-made ribbon costume - but not me!!

Mexican themed wagon...near Venice

And more costumes...

Carlotta digging in the confetti bag

And having her own opinion on Carnival

Harlequin at the fair

If you ever needed one more reason to visit Venice...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


This morning I had a very inspirational moment; brought Carlotta to pre-school - after a very busy breakfast which included several interruptions to prepare lunch, feed the kids, get them started - and instead of the usual errand run I went to the beach.

Baby Bastian was falling asleep in the car, so I did not take any walk but stayed at the parking lot for a good half an hour and watched the Sound, the waves and the ferry approaching Port Jefferson and the fumes of some factory down in Connecticut.
Also I listened to the radio. Just some cheap pop.
But it was nice, very nice indeed.
Guess I will miss this view...

I don't know if it's the water, the waves...or the horizon...In Berlin there is no horizon:
you can go to different Towers and look around and you would still see Berlin.
My theory is that this lack of view is one of the reason why Berliners are kind of hard-spirited.
Not all of them, but generally they are.

Don't get me wrong, I like it here and there, and different ways and for different reasons: I got very much used to live in a city and I like it. But the sea, the ocean or in this case the sound...(no, please, don't talk about little lakes) are another pair of shoes.
One for all: I used to spend lot of time at the beach when I was younger and it always felt good losing track of time looking in THAT direction, knowing that somewhere there is land again.
It might be far or even inaccessible but there is something.
This helps thinking, thinking strait and not in circles, thus it calms one down.

Let's call it meditative water-hood...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Losing my...identity

It eventually happened.

If you ask me how it feels, then I am telling you I really feel guilty about that, because I am a responsible person and I care about things and well...
On the other hand I tend to day-dream a lot and it is a wonder it didn't happen before.

Well, I wouldn't even say it is untypical of me - after all I am not really the stereotype Italian young woman.
But, now I am feeling most uncomfortable, now it really feels as if I had completely lost my identity.

What happened???

I lost my cellphone. And with that all phone numbers that - obviously - I hadn't save anywhere else...

Yesterday I thought I had heard it, the typical sound of an empty battery, just it wasn't anywhere to find. Maybe it gave the last goodbye and left me with no clue, naughty device!!!