Monday, January 4, 2010

Losing my...identity

It eventually happened.

If you ask me how it feels, then I am telling you I really feel guilty about that, because I am a responsible person and I care about things and well...
On the other hand I tend to day-dream a lot and it is a wonder it didn't happen before.

Well, I wouldn't even say it is untypical of me - after all I am not really the stereotype Italian young woman.
But, now I am feeling most uncomfortable, now it really feels as if I had completely lost my identity.

What happened???

I lost my cellphone. And with that all phone numbers that - obviously - I hadn't save anywhere else...

Yesterday I thought I had heard it, the typical sound of an empty battery, just it wasn't anywhere to find. Maybe it gave the last goodbye and left me with no clue, naughty device!!!

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