Thursday, January 7, 2010


This morning I had a very inspirational moment; brought Carlotta to pre-school - after a very busy breakfast which included several interruptions to prepare lunch, feed the kids, get them started - and instead of the usual errand run I went to the beach.

Baby Bastian was falling asleep in the car, so I did not take any walk but stayed at the parking lot for a good half an hour and watched the Sound, the waves and the ferry approaching Port Jefferson and the fumes of some factory down in Connecticut.
Also I listened to the radio. Just some cheap pop.
But it was nice, very nice indeed.
Guess I will miss this view...

I don't know if it's the water, the waves...or the horizon...In Berlin there is no horizon:
you can go to different Towers and look around and you would still see Berlin.
My theory is that this lack of view is one of the reason why Berliners are kind of hard-spirited.
Not all of them, but generally they are.

Don't get me wrong, I like it here and there, and different ways and for different reasons: I got very much used to live in a city and I like it. But the sea, the ocean or in this case the sound...(no, please, don't talk about little lakes) are another pair of shoes.
One for all: I used to spend lot of time at the beach when I was younger and it always felt good losing track of time looking in THAT direction, knowing that somewhere there is land again.
It might be far or even inaccessible but there is something.
This helps thinking, thinking strait and not in circles, thus it calms one down.

Let's call it meditative water-hood...


alessiasalvalaio said...

gente di mare
che se ne va
dove le pare
ma dove non sa!

Mari said...

"navigatori esperti di cittá" è senz'altro la definizione che preferisco!!

Bruce said...

Mari, this is the first time I've visited your blog. Your post covers a lot of ground but what I hear is longing.

For a nice video on how meditation is like drinking water or to find the Berlin Shambhala Meditation Center you can start at:
Find a Shambhala Meditation Center

Mari said...

see, Bruce, this is exactly what I mean...why should I join a meditation center when all I need is to look outside?
No, I practiced yoga for a while and this is useful, but you can't substitute looking outside with seeking in yourself. Not all the time. But thanks for your advice!!I appreciate that.