Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meetings after meetings

Marty and Irma - on the left - on their pontoon boat

What was I doing lately, apart from running after my son who is now a professional walker?
Some days ago we had some Lab related meetings, meaning that there were colleagues-friends coming over to Long Island for work, which led to some dinner and nice talk afterward.
We met our friend Marty - who used to be Ralph's colleague back in 2000, in Chicago - and Shen Pen - a Chinese Californian colleague with whom we were sharing our compartment on the night-train from Shanghai to Beijing two years ago: thanks to his human engineering AND knowledge of chinese language we managed not to spend the night with perfect strangers.

Aren't we relaxed?

We were all invited at Nancy and zio Bob's (that's how Carlotta calls him) place and had a very good time, with me trying to protect the kids from Sierra (their dog).
If you know how scare I am of dogs - childhood shock - then it might sound amusing...
We were all brave, indeed, and let Sierra swipe our crumbs and (hi hi) get Carlotta's slippers.

We then managed to go eat at the local steakhouse (not much fish on Long Island...) - just when I had convinced Carlotta that we could try another place, my work was annihilated by ignoring husband: that's why talking about stupid details matters, I guess.

The one dinner we skipped was probably the most exciting, though, because it was in Flushing, where you can find a large Chinatown.
Supposedly it's even more dumpling filled than the one in New York City. SURPRISE.
Let's not mention that Flushing hosts a large Korean community too - which adds a hint of garlic to the (melting) pot.

So, now Flushing is the one spot to be visited - what do you think I am planning for the next Chinese New Year celebration?I'd love to see it, even if I must confess I don't quite like the idea of dragging the kids into the crowds.

We - me and the kids, that is - joined a Music Together class with my friend Jane and her little daughter Julia (who's a month older than Bastian - but a lot lighter, which is worth telling as a sign of my activity - me, the anti-sport).
It's a fun thing we did when Carlotta was about two years old, but now it's even more interesting, because she speaks English and plays with Bastian who seems to love music too - this is one of the many words he immediately recognizes.
No, I am not a super fan of franchising activities in general, but I know that my kids like music - probably every kid does - and it is nice to make them approach it in a fun way - no Mozart when they were fetuses...

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mari said...


Sheng Peng - sorry, I never know how to spell names until I see them written.
Marty was and still is Ralph's colleague.


Ralph is the ignoring husband BECAUSE even when I told him that Carlotta recovered from her steakhouse ambition, he decided it was too late to change destination.
This was never intended as an insult though.