Sunday, February 28, 2010

American Breakfast - part 1

I recently wrote a post on US food but I tried not to be too  hard in the first place because if there are obvious targets I could hit, there are certain other I don't want to hit.
One of this is the American breakfast - at least one style of American breakfast: that with eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and - if there is still some room in my tummy - pancakes...
This isn't something I would have everyday, unless I want to run two or three miles up and down the hills around here; but I really like it once in a while.
I am not afraid of eating something savory in the morning or something more than coffee and croissant (I hear most Italian people have this habit - my mom was very impressed when I told her about the scrambled eggs).

After months we finally managed to go out to have breakfast - kids are part of the being lazy but sometimes it isn't fun when under your table lay two or more spoons, straws, jam boxes and you are responsible for this mess. Even less fun  it's when your baby doesn't sit quiet while everybody else enjoys the meal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes lot of diversion - crayons, color-books,  some toy - and patience (because it all follows the law of gravity and kids are empirical physicists in diapers).
This morning it worked pretty well, both kids were eating and behaving  so we didn't make a mess on the floor - I hate picking up stuff from a floor where hundreds of people put their shoes on...and picking up stuff in general while I should be eating.

Some friends suggested that we go to George's Kitchen in Sound Beach and  we found that it was homey with excellent food and the staff was very friendly  - which to me is the # 1 reason to go back to a certain place.
Thumbs up for this little American diner!!!


Bill said...

Coffee and croissant sounds good to me. For good health I avoid those big breakfasts. But every now and then, maybe once a year, I indulge.

If you work in construction, fishing, lumber, anything that requires a lot of physical labor, you must eat a big breakfast or you'll be out of energy by noon.

And, in many jobs there are no formal lunch breaks. They keep working until a break comes along naturally. Then they'll eat something quick and start working again. The big breakfast is import to them.

For the rest of us, it's calories we should not be eating.

Mari said...

Since we arrived we didn't go out for breakfast, so this was quite exceptional for us too...
Also we needed to have a walk - this is very good on the weekend, as there is almost no traffic on this side of town.
Very relaxing!