Thursday, February 25, 2010

and 6 degrees of separation!

Last night I couldn't sleep well: my nose was a bit congested and I had a terrible I got mad at myself about the last post.
It was the typical scene with a little angel sitting on one shoulder and a little devil sitting on the other one, arguing about this facebook craze.
The devil was right, asking "Why on hell would you wish to add another family member to an already large family?".
On the other hand the angel was also right, asking "Shouldn't we forgive, even if he voted for B.?".

Basically this is what bothered me most; in the end I decided to forgive - but not forget - and kind of forgive myself too, because I seem anyway to have the urge to find more relatives. 
Might it be that I am often around and feel a bit rootless?Whatever!I have a more fun story  about relatives.

This all started on our last Japan trip, to be correct at the welcome banquet that always takes place when one of Ralph's conferences begins.
At the reception we had to find my name on the participant list (which was not easy as it wasn't there) and - while doing this - one name popped to my eyes: that of a Greek man, at least with a very Greek name, grandma's surname.
Background is that my grandma was born on a tiny tiny Greek islet - a Venetian colony then - and moved to Italy after the end of WWII. Her surname isn't common, so I got very curious about this guy and tried to find him but with more than 300 people and no clue how he should look like nor for which institution he was working for, I wasn't very successful.

You can bet I managed to contact him later and found out that he works in Sweden and he is originally from Albania.
He confirmed that his surname isn't very common and those who have it belong more or less to the same family; he then offered to be our guide if we ever decided to go to Sweden - this was very kind, wasn't it?
So, well, the world is small and not all relatives come to harm.

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dede said...

e allora dai, un bel biglietto per la Svezia e partite!