Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beauty salon

So, today I was - in spite of the snow - driving to this place to get an ointment and a new tape for Bastian's lip, since the old one was coming off last night and I was told by some surgeon's secretary "not to touch, remove or apply anything, just come here and we'll do it".

Driving half an hour isn't as terrible as it used to be some times ago and the snow had left almost no trace on the streets BUT going to the surgeon, filling some forms in the hope that someone is fixing the problem and then getting two small packages of ointment ("do you have this at home?" you think if I had this at home I would have come all the way to a facial treatment spa with two kids to make an ass of myself?Excuse me, but no.) was as ironical as it sounds. When I finally get to go to an hair salon, it will be enough beauty.

Then, I took the kids for a stroll in Port Jeff and went to the burrito bar, because we wouldn't have time to cook and there were no left-overs.
I fancy spicy food and am a very big fan of chocolate-chili ice-cream (I should convince the Mc Nulty's people to make this flavour for me, they offer this kind of service) that's by the way a perfect mix to convince your kids not to eat chocolate anymore!!!Wasn't the book I started writing titled "101 best parenting advice"?

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