Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fast food nation?

Most Fast Food Per Person and Other Food Facts | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

Just found this and wanted to share...
What is your opinion about American eating habits?And what is you general attitude towards fast food?
Is Michelle Obama in Mission Impossible?


matthew houskeeper said...

If habits like drunk driving and smoking can be reduced, so can our dependence on junk food. It won't happen overnight, but things can change over a 10-20 year period.

I gave the book FAST FOOD NATION as a Christmas gift to several people a few years ago. I read a few chapters before wrapping it. It is very good.

Mari said...

Yes, the book Fast Food Nation is good and explains very well how much the corporations influence American people not only regarding eating habits but pretty much every aspects of one's life.
I really like to hear what YOU -American- as opposed to me (try Not to be arrogant) European think.
So, thank you for your comment.
Btw...I really envy you for spending your time on the water and not on the streets - and always great pictures!