Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hair salon - pride and prejudice

Am I desperate or do I just look like as if I were?

Yes, I finally went to have a cut. I was mentioning yesterday I should - have long ago - and I did it.
Many of you people out there may think "so what is the big deal?".
The big deal is that I sort of...have a problem with hair dressers. Is it prejudice or just pride? Maybe both.

I am very motivated and well intentioned and ask - beg - for a cut, nothing special just "stop this mess, I don't have time to wash my hair" (which usually takes more than half an hour, with the drying, plus vacuum cleaning and it is stressful because Bastian would usually start crying in the middle of everything so I just have to hurry and be half as happy with the shampoo session - let's leave the conditioner for another time and let's leave a bit of wet hair, so tomorrow I can have terrible neck pain and so on...).
Hair salon is the solution, even if, as I mentioned, it takes a lot of lowering my pride just to make an appointment.

But then I think, hey, they cut MY hair, so I should be thankful and think they are nice people. They probably are. Probably.
This morning, as I sat on the torture chair, there were three or four hair fairies dancing around, chatting about (guess what?) hair color "I don't like that maple leaf brown on X, she looks older or maybe it's because she was always blond" "Yeah, she should try dying her hair velvet red" (I am making this up, because it's Valentine's day soon and because I didn't honestly follow the conversation).

The other thought I had was "too good these guys are not driving around and just stay in their salon", 'cause they smelled of alcohol and I do NOT mean alcohol like that in hair spray or product.
A bit unusual for an hair salon.

Conclusion: I tried my best, but they failed.

Oh, I am not talking about my hair, it looks pretty fine, washed and trimmed and tidy - for a couple of days at least - just you know, if you had a water gun and you would have to choose someone to get completely wet...whom would you choose?

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posta la fotina, posta la fotina!