Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I were a rich girl...

Last Saturday we had the very unique chance to be invited to one of Carlotta's friends' birthday party.
I say unique, because this was about the fanciest thing I have been in my entire life. One of the few.

A little wedding party - and although I have been invited to some weddings either I didn't show up because I couldn't or I was too far (or both) or the kids were too small or whatever.
I feel sorry for the couple that get into so many troubles to make everybody happy and ends up being exhausted and, in the best case, criticized (for whatever reason, don't ask ME).

Back to the birthday party.
The little one to be celebrated was a five year old girl and the invitation needed a RSVP: the setting was an Italian restaurant, about an hour away from here.
There were a DJ, a magician - who did the fire alarm trick so good he sent us all outside in the cold weather until the fire-fighters declared that the place was safe "again".
Who else was there apart from the 100 or so guests?Dora...Winnie the Pooh and some other character I just don't remember.

The buffet dinner was really good, we had a good time talking with another couple of pre-school parents and Carlotta had fun with some of her friends - they were all invited but not everybody was there - and I can only say it was a nice evening.

Sure, if you look at it from another perspective you might find it all weird and useless - why celebrate a five year old child's birthday (she has two brothers and EVERY year they celebrate in such elaborate way, I was told) with such an effort?
Why invite people you don't know and probably don't care about?

I can't say.
I don't know these people well enough to decide if this has a special reason or if it is just very normal for them - it is certainly not the usual American celebration.
Apart from that I can confirm our kids will not have such a birthday: they can have their party at school and this is fair to everybody since we don't get to decide who's invited or not and if they want to have someone at home, they might have to pick four or five friends for whom I'll be glad to organize some games and bake a big cake - even use frosting if it's necessary - but that will be it.

What is all the fuzz about?

What do kids need more that this?To be cool?To find their place in high society?
Please, don't tell me I am wrong again.

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