Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More snow

We are confined at home these days, with Carlotta having a cold and the snow.
It is supposed to snow all day again so, let's consider shoveling a bit as a winter sport - if I practice enough I might make it to Vancouver!!!


Hijinx said...

I've had enough snow for one year! I drive all over Long Island doing magic shows (really) and shoveling and sliding are two tricks I'd rather not do anymore! Love the blog... good stuff!

Mari said...

dear Hijinx,hope you were NOT the magician at the birthday party I was ten days ago, if so...the fire trick was just a bit too wild.
(But also the most exciting part of the evening).

thanks for your comment, and please, please do the springtime magic whenever you think it is appropriate - yeah, snow it's fun if you stay inside and drink hot chocolate, otherwise it sucks - let's hope for warmer weather!