Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain rain go away...

What a rainy day it is; there is storm again - not as strong as the nor'easter that hit most part of Long Island New Jersey, Connecticut,Massachusetts...two weeks ago but there are going to be a number of flooded areas this time too.
As for us, we were spared by the nor'easter, although our neighbor had his share

We live on a hill, so we see rivers of water flowing down and down means we will have to drive in the flooded - or partly flooded - streets, in the pot-holes that are from time to time being filled with concrete but never get to be a smooth ground.
Luckily enough Carlotta's pre-school has its spring-break this week, so I can avoid unnecessary driving.
So what are we doing with this kind of weather?
Apart from writing, I'd say baking.
But before that I wanted to post more flowers pictures, this helps feeding the delusion that springtime arrived...

All pictures were taken in different places (a Wonka bar of chocolate if you guess where!!)
Sure, I like flowers and maybe I should have some posters in the kitchen.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oh wow, lovely shots! I love spring. Except here, April is so fickle with the weather I get a little annoyed. But this year, after an especially cold and snowy winter, I'm just relieved it's not snowing/raining all the time!

Yikes, that first pic looks scary! Love some baking with the kids, makes a mess but it's so fun!

Mari said...

so, let's get some more flowers!!
if they don't survive in my home, they'll lest be cute on the web...