Friday, March 26, 2010

Some city

Last weekend we had a great time in the City.
We drove - Ralph drove, that is - to New York (why on hell aren't there fast trains in this Country? Can someone hear me???) anyway...we started the morning with a must: the Tim Burton exhibition at the MoMA - I am a proud member for this year and I need to use it, don't I? - and this was really weird. Guess it was intentional...
We expected Carlotta to be scared but she was fine (I was hiding the body-less head with my shoulder when we walked by, just in case). I am not so much into cartoons but I enjoyed most of the movies directed by Tim Burton - mostly because Johnny Depp is in the cast and because I like Batman...and as you might have noticed, I like Prince - that's a genius, writing an entire soundtrack based on dialogues from a movie, unbelievable!!!
Also, check out Candy Dulfer playing the saxophone. Ok, I'll stop it.

I do appreciate the ironic and grotesque attitude towards fear but bottom line is: I like what Tim Burton makes me think about.

After this exhibition we took a look at Monet's Water Lilies - not the nicest selection apart from this

Japanese foot bridge - not in our living room

We then spent the rest of the day walking south and through Chelsea and the Greenwich Village - the last reminding us a lot the atmosphere of Prenzlauer Berg - the "Caffé-Latte" area of Berlin.
There is my inner smile in action when I see people fancying drinks that my grandma has for breakfast, probably because my grandma also listens to the religious channel on the radio and falls asleep with the radio on...snoring quite loud...Still, she's an institution.
That's another story, though.

I had a cold coffee - the weather was sooo gorgeous!!! - and on we walked.

We were able to get into the Jensen-Lewis furniture store, where we fell in love with this table...and had the chance to change a diaper on this bed (as a mother I got immunization against shame).

To make the tour a bit smoother we took the train from the Village back to the parking lot (about 14th streets north).

Since supper time approached we were ready for another mission: drive back and stop in Flushing or Chinatown for pros.
Would you believe it?
I have been to several Chinatown before but Flushing, I am telling you, it's a place Chinese Government would want to claim as part of China. My pantry paradise. The dumpling field of happiness, the Sin City of the palate...

We really had a great time and a taste of springtime we forgot quite fast.
As for this weekend the sun shines, but pretty much like on clear sky winter days.

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bunny said...

I love Tim Burton (and Johnny Depp ;-) !)...Wish I could see the exibition too, but I don't think I'll have the chance!