Thursday, April 22, 2010

The (not so) subtle legacy between appliances and capitalismus

As if there weren't enough things to take care of, last week our (landlady's) fridge broke; we had it repaired some hours later, so we didn't have to take extreme measures concerning the food that was in it.
But now I want to know!!!

What would YOU do, if your fridge broke and you had to wait for a couple of days until it could be repaired?
Would you throw away fridge and food?
Only the food (so you can start a new diet)?Or only the fridge (because yours didn't have a nice design anyway)?
Would you ask a neighbor (or ten) to keep some of your stuff and meanwhile curse in Aramaic because you had just bought so much perishable food?

Or would you find the time to cook for your friends and their cats?

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