Monday, April 26, 2010

CMEE Children's Museum of the East End

As a Bnl employee's spouse I take part in some activities connected with the Lab, mainly a playgroup where my kids meet children their age and with a similar background.
The playgroup has a designated meeting place but sometimes moms and kids would meet outside, or decide on some specific activity.

Bottom line, because of the kids I get to go to places I would not dream of going to - or I wouldn't be allowed in.

One of these is the CMEE, the Children's Museum of the East End in Bridgehampton, designed by Lee Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership.
What an amazing place! On a beautifully arranged mix of interactive spaces  children can dress up as princesses or pirates, explore the interior of a submarine, fish, play in the ice-cream parlor, sit in the library, exercise or do crafts. Just to give you a sample of the choices offered.

I forgot the fire fighter truck, a hit for Bastian

When they say that TV substituted the fire place in modern families...did they mean that?

Other highlights of the day were of course the drive through the Flanders and the Big Duck (which deserves a post of its own) and the feeling that arouse from being in this part of Long Island. 
Partly because driving gets a little more relaxed driving eastbound, but certainly because there is suddenly more water to be seen, nature offers  a full range of colors and shapes and also because you get away from the generica of most towns (which, if I think about it, is based on straight lines, sharp edges and few colors) it is hard not to be seduced by all this beauty.

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