Saturday, May 15, 2010

(Some of the) Things I do not understand

I might as well go straight to the point, but then it would be unfair to my target.

Let's start with things I really don't have a clue about like chemistry; although I am certainly interested in the structure and behavior of matter, I just don't think in terms of atoms and molecules and I do have a problem with learning formulae.

Along with that goes physics. It might even reach the boundaries of ridiculous, because I know what is meant with force and the difference between push and pull but I keep mixing the things up - yes, in any language I at least read.

Another embarrassing thing is that I don't understand what men mean when they use codes, so if I am asked "Would you like to have a coffee together?" my answer would most likely be "Thanks, but I'd miss the 5:30 bus".
Now, being married, I feel relieved I don't have to care anymore about this.

I also don't understand envy.
Sure, there are people who have more advantages (and not always justified) than others, but I don't hate them and I wouldn't change place with them. I've got a satisfied  mind and even though there are things I wish in my life, they are pretty much depending on myself and self-improvement, so anybody else is just not responsible for my periodical pissed mood.

If there happen to be one person who's responsible for that, than I am avoiding him or her. As simple as that: I don't understand why people stick around  someone they could as well do without - if it's not strictly necessary as in case of  colleagues. That's not me. (Just picture me in a western setting saying "There is not enough room for the two of us in this town").
That said, the number of people I deeply dislike is very limited.

So, here I come, to the point I mentioned before.
What I DO NOT understand is men and motors. I could mention the two separated, but it wouldn't be fair to myself, because I have good men-friends and I understand them quite well (I don't always have to agree with them, of course) and I have a basic understanding of motors (just try to get a drivers license in Italy and you won't go around that!).
But men&motors it's just as puzzling as man-on-the-moon.

There is some reason why I am mentioning this. Recently I noticed that a father in Carlotta's pre-school is coming to pick up his child with his sporty car. Nothing against that, if he wasn't driving at the same speed he's driving on a town street with speed limit 30 (which means he's driving 40mph).

Does he want to be noticed?Well, he managed to be.
Let me be mean: when I see a man driving like that, my first thought is that he has to compensate some lack.
I am really sorry I didn't talk to him (yet): I am always trying to get out of his way not to get hit...

But what pisses me most is that he is doing his miserable manly show in a school's parking lot, during pick-up time, when moms and kids are around.
There is a racing circuit not too far, doesn't he want to try it there?

...of course the list of things I don't understand is much longer and includes other important issues, but as for now I'll stay focused on that and try to talk friendly to this guy - something tells me that people like this aren't open to criticism but I might be wrong.


alessia said...

mi sa che se gli parli, poi ti mette sotto con la macchina *_*

Mari said...

come premio?
mah, mi sa che hai ragione!

matthew houskeeper said...

I don't understand how electricity works.
As for the guy in the school parking lot....maybe that's the way he always drives. Or maybe he thinks he is impressing you. As juvenile as it seems, there are men who think like that, and there are women who are turned on by that sort of behavior.

Regardless, it sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe someone should say something to him. Of course, if you tell him, he is going to think "the broad from Berlin has a thing for me".

Get someone else to say something.

Good Luck!