Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting ready for guests...

I certainly told before the story of my mom finding many excuses not to come visit.
First it was about the flight - she has never gone further than Berlin, so I understand a certain preoccupation.
Then it was about my dad and his health - he's perfectly fine apart from some high sugar level.
There is also an upcoming wedding (end of August) to keep her busy - she basically has to go to the wedding, after getting dressed.
I don't know what she found out next. Maybe the fact that she didn't want to be left alone with me. Who would???
Anyway, after months trying to convince her, I eventually gave up.
Just recently I was mentioning how beautiful some of the harbor towns are and how nice it is to be able to go to the beach whenever we please.
Well, guess with that I unexpectedly convinced her.
It might well be she was a bit sad we are staying three months longer than the original plan and she wouldn't be able to see her grandchildren, but I really had the impression she was all about the beach story.

Anyway, now she seems very enthusiastic about the all thing, and what's more is that she found a travel companion: her good friend Maria.
Together the two of them already came to visit us  a couple of times in Berlin; they were never living with us, though.
We have a small apartment and no guestroom.

 Oh my god!!!

This time is going to be different.
Not only will they stay at our place, but they will be with us (i.e. me) ALL DAY LONG.
My sister has already warned me and now I must confess I am a bit nervous.
Don't have so many doubts about Maria: she is fine, she is interesting and kind. More doubts I have about my mom because we are two very different persons.
Plus my mom is totally not able to match colors. Why do I mention that?Is it so important?
Well, I guess it's reason enough for mother and daughter to have a discussion!

What I fear most is not about spending time together outside: there is enough distraction to keep her mind busy. I fear the time we'll be spending inside.
Where she will talk about how bad I don't have a table cloth (yes, yes, that drives me crazy) or where she would tell me how the kids don't have  elegant clothes enough (pleeaaase, leave me alone!!!) or...I don't know, just things I don't care about.

Part of this anxiety is due to the fact that I am not good at accepting criticism, and once I decide something is good for me I don't see any reason to discuss about it anymore. And of course even less with my mom.

In the hope this feeling of being happy but freaked out gets better until September, I started doing a little list of things I want to do with the two of them - yes, I will  accompany them around because they won't drive in a foreign Country, which language none of them speaks.

Most certainly I will take them to New York - sitting them on the LIRR and  expect they find their way back is too much of a dream. 
In case they get on my nerves I can suggest they try.

I haven't been to Montauk yet, but this sounds like fun on a weekend.

My mother will have some remark on this point, but I bet Maria would be more than happy to visit some antique store. There are quite some at the Hamptons, so this is a must.

As for the beaches, I am never spending a whole day under the sun - me and the kids having a very delicate skin - but Catchogue and Southold are near enough to spend a morning without driving too much.

There will be enough to do and I am pretty sure they will have some totally new experience. 
Food might be a shock. But they are both excellent cooks, so - in case they are bored - I can put them in the kitchen to prepare something for me, like clams or mussels: no restaurant on Long Island can beat my mom on that!!!

The mall experience is also one they must go through. Absolutely.
Even if I am not a big fan of that, there is something to it.

Obviously there are too many things one could do the first time in the  US, but they'll just stay for ten days, so - if one includes the first days of adaptation - that won't be enough to see and do most of the interesting stuff on Long Island.



Relax, ten days will fly by. The trip to the city will be overwhelming enough.
Skip Montauk, nothing to show them except a lighthouse, there are no shops or restaurants of note there.
Trust me on this. I used to go to Montauk a few weeks every summer just to do nothing, and nothing is what you get.

Mari said...

Thank you David!
I will try to motivate the ladies to be in the City more than they possibly imagine...I need some city too - got totally spoiled by life in Berlin!