Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost raccoons

This morning we spotted three tails under the bushes in the garden...
We tried not to scare the little raccoons away, knowing how bad people drive around here.
They had probably lost their mom and were looking for a safe place.

How sweet!


alessia said...

Se adesso spuntasse, che so, anche TERENCE, sarebbe una gran cosa

dede said...

In Canada li amano come noi amiamo le pantegane per il fatto che nei bidoni della spazzatura fanno enormi disastri: Io pensavo addirittura di farli entrare in casa ma sono stata dissuasa con molta fermezza

Mari said...

Lo so, sono questi cuccioli erano cosi' teneri; poi senza mamma, mi ha fatto un certo effetto!

Mari said...

Little update: our neighboor came by and announced that the shed behind our house is filled with baby raccoons.
Very worried he explained that they might transmit rabies if they bite. A danger, especially with children.
I had never suspected that, aside from messing up trash bins in the Parks, they would have been such a pain.