Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oooops...I did it again!

I know, I know, I was weak; I ate that bar of chocolate.
Sure, it was not mine to enjoy, but hell...it was there and now I feel a little sorry.
Is it my fault I can't resist dark chocolate?

What's in my brain that makes me need that?And what is in my blood NOW.
Good, I confess: as short as a pleasure it might seem, it is on the run the winning, uncomplicated key to ALL of my problems. And I don't want to quit because there is no real reason to do it.
Some research showed that consuming chocolate could cause depression (contrary to the belief that it cures it), but no, not in me.
Give me more of that, I don't feel depressive; guilty maybe, a bit nasty, but not depressive!!!

I don't mind chocolate cake or chocolaty stuff, no, no, I am for the real thing: starting from the 70% cocoa and up, I am in heaven with a couple of ounces of that bitterness and even when it is not in my pantry, it is in my thoughts.

Once in a while I do carry it in my purse (you never know!) and very seldom it stays there for a long time. No matter how hard I try to forget it.
But trying and focusing are productive ways of keeping things in mind, so obviously not good ways of forgetting.

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