Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 24th. My Birthday. You Witness.

Given the fact that the settimana enigmistica (the Italian crosswords-riddles&puzzles authority!) is my favorite magazine and that some people used to call me like that, no wonder this title is some kind of riddle.
Anyway, since some of you were already laughing at the strange coincidences I experienced during this week, I'll explain what I mean.

I had birthday and I had my cousin and her family visiting from Italy for some days.
Because they are Jehovah's Witnesses - but also people I like a lot - I decided to leave my celebration uncelebrated on the very day - and keep my daughter distracted enough and forgetful - so that nobody would be offended or hurt.
I wasn't hurt: as I said, my cousin is one of the persons I like most and since she is nice, sweet and caring that's no effort.
As kids we used to spend quite some time together and she was always a sort of older sister to me, as much as I was the sister she never had.
This in spite of the fact that we are very different persons: because her mom was converting to the new confession in a very sad and depressive moment, her life turned from the rich, intense, high-society life into a secluded and probably weird existence.
But never was my cousin rebellious nor angry. Up to now she lets her parents invade her privacy and decide a lot on how she should be.
Which doesn't mean she doesn't have her own personality, she is just too nice.

If you compare her to me, you'd think I am sort of ungrateful nasty kid who doesn't let parents know her whereabouts, let alone decide on anything personal.

Anyway, it was nice to have my cousin here. It was fun, not too stressful and - as my mom put it - some kind of "movement". Not that I don't have enough.

To make the story shorter: she left the day after my birthday and my dear friend Jane soon came over (how nice of you Jane!!!) and gave me her present - always good taste, I love it!!!So it was Present's Day.

On Friday there was a party. Not my own though: Carlotta's graduation's party.
Graduation is a big step for a little child and a goodbye loaded moment.
Not only will Carlotta leave pre-school and start Kindergarten: her teacher, Ms Leesie, is retiring. If I could go to pre-school again, I'd want Ms Leesie as a teacher.
She was taking care of my out-of-the-tank-fish non-English speaking daughter and made her feel at ease, taught her to write and read, but most of all she was a wonderful person and made me always feel very confident about our pre-school choice and relaxed about the big change our daughter was going through.
Yes, Ms Leesie, don't cry because it's over, but be happy because it happened!

Then came Saturday, and there was our Special Guest's Day.
And - I hope - good food.
Sure, my birthday without good food is an offense I wouldn't tolerate.
And flowers!(A note for myself: remember to water the flowers!).

And today EVENTUALLY my other present, the breakfast I so much talked about.
Honestly, I am happy it's Sunday, so tomorrow I can start dieting!!!

Of course it was also Father's Day, so I (see the geniality) brought kids and husband to the Stony Brook Museum - which was free for fathers - and while they were visiting the exhibitions and having some fun, I had some time to read.

It was such an intense, emotionally full week I could drop asleep any second, but I don't want to forget how good it is when you can spend time with people you like.
That is the greatest present ever. And not one I take for granted.

Also, this kind of extended celebration has its advantages, because one can make more small things and still consider them very special.

And Bob, to you: I have been partying like it's 1975 and the party isn't over yet!
Isn't it another fun coincidence I was born after Armageddon?


Bill said...

Happy Birthday!

dede said...

tanti auguri tanti auguri!!!

Mari said...

@Bill:thank you!!!

@Dede: grazie mille, adesso che ho finito di far festa, ho bisogno di una vacanza.

Alida Thorpe said...

Happy Birthday. It seems we have a birthday at about the same time. Isn't it a great time of year to celebrate?

Mari said...

@Alida:yes, it's the best time of the year for celebrations!!!

Mauro G. said...

Tanti auguri dall'ITALIA !!! da tutta la famiglia !!!!!

Mari said...

@Mauro: grazie!!!un bacione a tutti, mi mancate!!!