Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When parents act unreasonably - kids teach them a lesson

I wrote in a prevoius post about how sometimes my parents act nonsense.
Well, this time the nonsense is about me.

As a parent I am more than once in a while VERY tired: nights are interrupted, no time for myself, appointments to which I might not necessarily wish to attend. 
Anyway, there is some project going on to which I can't say no anymore (promise, promise!) and I need that precious quiet time between throwing pebbles in the water and chasing after my little Messner or fighting about just anything with my daughter.
So I feel kind of stressed and sometimes this just comes out as a river of tears that I can't really justify - also, listening to some pathetic songs doesn't help.
Kids are very quiet in those moments and show their best "Why on hell is this woman crying? Must be because she didn't get the chocolate she so much wanted!!!" sorry look.

Of course kids know better.

As we were walking to the beach couple of days ago, Carlotta - always looking for answers - asked me wether I, as a child, wanted to stay a child forever.
No, I remember pretty vividly how much I wanted to be a grown up. So I told her.
Then she replied "You know, life ain't easy when you are a grown up".

The other thing she told me is that she might try cigarettes when she grows up, but she is not going to like them. Actually, she said, she has already tried cigarettes.


As for my project, it has nothing to do with Long Island (I owe this place the last posts about some place I really love, though) so I am packing for a couple of days, notebook and even some pencils (you never know) and hope this time nothing comes on our way!!!

June is almost over, my dear!


Steve Finnell said...

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Mari said...

Thanks Steve!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

aw, have fun with your project! can't wait to hear more.

It's not easy being a grownup, but it can be worth the hassle ;-)