Sunday, July 25, 2010

A (bitter-sweet) Taste of Southold

I'm not so much a visual person as I am a word person, and especially when telling a story - best done in my own language - I'd concentrate on words very much.  Sometimes, though, a story pours out of an image I have in my mind or images come to my mind when reading a story.

This photo is a good example of what I'll say.

I was driving through Southold in a warm afternoon, after having unsuccessfully planned my morning and I so much wanted to take a walk on the beach. Which beach? There are many in Southold.
The one in the picture is on North Bayview. But don't try to get there, if you  don't have a Southold parking permit.

The town of Southold put this sign e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e: on every possible street that might take you to whatever view of the water.
So, unless you are on a boat or are the lucky owner of a waterfront estate (and filthy rich, because those are huge!) you might as well forget you are on an island. 

Many times I resisted the temptation of ringing the bell of one of those villas, telling a nice story to their owner to be able to throw a look from their windows, terraces or garden (a woman with two cute kids, I believe I could succeed!) and catch a grasp of what they keep so jealously under their finger-nails.

But I just took a couple of pictures from the flooded spot I was standing.

What you'd never suspect (and expect) is that, a few seconds later, from behind that little island-sand bar, a bunch of seniors male and women - armed of swimming noodle - made their appearance, giving a twist to my imagination.
The little paradise-like picture suddenly became the scene of the long ago seen movie Coccoon
And I - half amused, half respectful - restrained myself from taking more pictures.

Instead, I drove to Cedar Beach (amazingly you don't need any permit to park here) to face the South Fork, but - as I arrived there  - my baby had ironically  just fallen asleep, so I decided to leave my walk  for another time and another place.

Note:  I will have more to say about the beautiful city of Southold.


Bill said...

You were in my mom's neighborhood. It's beautiful there.

Mari said...

Hi Bill!
Yes, it's beautiful...I was a bit sad that I couldn't park anywhere without feeling kind of illegal (and with an expiring visa the last thing I want to do is getting into trouble with justice...).
I will go back to see the Indian Museum and the Nautical Museum at Horton Point on a weekend.

Fabipasticcio said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Thanks for sharing

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I loved that movie! So sweet.

These are lovely photos - what woulnd't I give to own waterfront property! Especially somewhere this pretty.

Mari said...

@Fabipasticcio: I am a very mediocre photographer, but I was very lucky to catch a pretty spot and a very clear day...ciao!!

@Elisa: even waterfront owners are humans; story in the story: I saw two girls bathing in their own private beach getting stung by jellyfish. I was very sorry for them, owning that little spot of paradise isn't a guarantee against natural forces...