Friday, July 23, 2010

Du bist so wunderbar Berlin!!!

 View from our window

Short post: I have been away from home (home-town and home= living place) for one year now.
I miss my city life. I miss walking around and get things done without ever starting the engine of the car. I miss the culture, I miss the apartment, the bed and the kitchen. I miss my friends and my second family.

But I am not sad. 
Being away (from people and places) is a constant in my life. I will be back soon. And I will want to go away again. (Ralph meant I can always take the S-Bahn to Königs Wüsterhausen when I am fed off Berlin).

I read about Berliners...and I am ready to get angry again, to have a healthy amount of poison everyday to swallow and to talk back if necessary.


dede said...

significa che torni in Europa?

Mari said...

eh gia'! Con un pesone nel cuore, ma torno.
Se avessi un piano b starei meglio.
Pero' poi se passi da Berlino mi fai sapere!!