Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Cream Extravaganza

Last weekend my family and I were invited to  attend an "ice cream party" and for no reason in the world we would have missed that.
In the first place because Gabriele - an Italian friend and colleague of Ralph - made this invitation and he and his family are such nice people we wouldn't have said no.
Second, we love ice-cream.
Third, we know that Gabriele's ice-cream is THE BEST.

So, of course, I took a bunch of pictures, which are not doing justice to any of his creations (when technology will be able to convey taste and smell through the screens, then it will be fair).
I might, though, tell you about some of the flavors that we had to choose from
(well, I didn't go as far as to try them all because I'm a bit picky, but I tried many).

The genius at work!
And young and old enjoying...


Next to the classics like vanilla and chocolate - good but not extraordinary - there was a huge variety of fruit flavors among which pineapple, nectarine, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, watermelon, banana-cardamom, strawberry, apricot...(bet I forgot some).

I am totally for the berries; my favorite combination was blueberry and banana cardamom and very good were raspberry and vanilla. 
As for chocolate, I almost never have chocolate ice cream. Unless it's dark chocolate. Or chocolate - red chili. (I miss the Eis Boutique in Berlin).
Well, I don't think I had ever eaten so much ice cream in one single afternoon before...so now I definitely need an ice cream break.

In fact, when the twenty something people were done with the ice cream, Gabriele showed a few guys one of his food findings: a marble cheese-cake. With the words "I don't like cheesecake, but I like this!" he convinced me -  not a cheesecake lover either - to try it. 

And I tried that little piece in the middle. Just that, I swear!


Jane O. said...

Yum! Did he make all those ice cream flavors from scratch? wish you could post the recipes.. - Jane

Mari said...

Hi Jane!
Gabriele makes everything from scratch (this is a concept we don't have in Italy, it is kind of given for granted)
Next time I will ask him about the recipes.
As a scientist he has the duty to share information.

Anyway, I think your vanilla ice cream is better.

Btw, I am still looking forward to read your entries xoxo

dede said...

approvo questi meeting culturali

Mari said...

ciao Dede!
Eh, fra ingegneri e fisici nucleari ci scappa anche qualche mangiata...