Sunday, July 11, 2010

How We Decide

Montreal (but it could be wherever) - coming to a conclusion

This is one of the pictures one just takes for fun and I wasn't going to put it up, but sometimes sleep brings good advice and so, there it is.
It is a highly symbolic one, obviously. (Don't shake your head because it's AGAIN about food!)
In fact we all have been there, in front of a choice in life. Haven't you?

You are hungry and you are given two totally different choices: the one on top tells you no lie: it is clear and promises you what you see. Unless you are vegetarian or on a diet (or have high cholesterol), it sounds quite alright and satisfying.
The one on the bottom is a vague suggestion.
It reminds you about something familiar, but you don't exactly know who the hell Giorgio is: he may be the owner, he may be the cook - chef GiorgiĆ³ - so you'll have to rely on your instinct...because it could be a stuffing, delicious lasagna plate or a nouvelle cuisine lot-of-aesthetic-but-no-content plate what you're going to find.
(And here I picture myself chef GiorgiĆ³ running around with truffle-sprinkles on a plate of calamari...yucky!!!).

Anyway, in front of these choices


Would you choose the easiest option?Or the less clear?
Check the menus of both places?
Or maybe blindly choose and have a look out of curiosity but only after eating?(Usually source of regrets and anger).

As for me, I didn't have a choice; but I ask myself how many people stood in front of this board and wondered what they should choose and which criteria they'd follow.

How We Decide is a very interesting book by Jonah Lehrer about decision-making seeing from the side of the brain.
If it doesn't help you decide to which restaurant you should go, it will give you an amazing insight n how your brain is working at that point.

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