Sunday, July 11, 2010

Montreal - more sightseeing....

There are some spots of Montreal that I already declared as my most favorite.
One of them is the Rue de Prince Arthur Ouest (photo above and below).

It's a little walking area with nice restaurants, a little fountain, and such an enjoyable atmosphere I almost want to go back for one more ice-cream at the Pagliacci.

This is the CarrĂ© St Louis, (between Rue Pince Arthur and the Rue St. Denis) with its octagonal kiosk, which reminded me - although with a different purpose - of the CafĂ© Achteck am Rudesheimer Platz, in Berlin: one family favorite, being half a mile away from our home and offering a quiet  square with garden and fountain, plus a number of little cafes, excellent bakeries and the weekly market.

Buildings are here a little shorter than in Berlin, though.
These are Second French Empire homes, with the typical rectangular tower and steep roof (the style is also called mansardate and was originated in Paris, which makes sense because this part of town, caught between the Plateau Mont-Royal and the Quartier Latin was mainly francophone).

One of the attractive things about Montreal, apart its French connection, is its relatively smooth traffic and of course the bike-friendly streets.
With those steep stairs most of the buildings have, it is some kind of a problem to park one's own bike.
So, as a turist you might like the option of getting a bixi bike from the miriads of "bike stations".


 As a bike owner, you will find other solutions...

The Oscar Wilde Pub at the Quartier Latin.
Little anecdote about Wilde: when he was visiting Montreal he called - a bit arrogantly - the Mont Royal a hill...and actually, that's what I thought when I got a glimpse of that, but never mind!

Chess by the University of Quebec ground

Strolling in the Quartier Latin, a gay friendly, bar and record stores loaded area was also very relaxing, one just has to remember it's not all walking ground, as cars come from the side streets, even when they are slow and careful...

to be continued...

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