Thursday, July 8, 2010

Montreal's Chinatown

I am a huge fan of Chinatowns; up to now I visited more than a couple of these meta-cities and found that each has its own special atmosphere.
The one I liked most until now is the one in Kobe, Japan and the one I liked less is the one in Washington D.C. - tasteless.

Montreal's Chinatown is a small one, yet very interesting and original. There is a small number of stores and restaurants which might not compare to those in NYC, but the general feeling is that of a very well integrated Chinese, French and English speaking Gemeinschaft.

Yes, in Chinatown too streets get cleaned!!!

Choosing the most original restaurant

Japanese style window, but Chinese food and drinks

and for my collection of colorful buildings

I took these two pictures as inspiration for one of those things I'd never wish to do, but I'd be crazy enough to try...(cleaning the windows that is!!!!).
This might have been at least the 20th floor!

But look at this guy: as if he was doing that all day long!Braveheart!

A very interesting article about Chinatowns via @Atlantic

to be continued...

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