Thursday, July 15, 2010

Purple rain

it's me again.
I know I said goodbye once, but I needed to tell you how impressed I was when I saw you on tv, winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.
You in public, speaking to hundreds people... what an emotion that must have been!
You looked pretty good, very elegant in your self designed turtle neck.
Sorry I devoted myself to another little man - you know...that's how it is now (be aware, he's a singer and a dancer too!!!).

No, I will not forget your back then in Paris. Sigh, more than ten years have gone...
And yes, you more than deserve a spot in my heart - because with Ben and my cousin Monica, you'll always be my favorite Jehovah's Witness!

WARNING: Although the characters in this post are all real, I obviously  have never had anything to do with Prince. Too bad!



I have no idea what you are writing about but I have seen Prince (formerly known as) several times in concert.
Glad you are using sunscreen. X David

Mari said...

I have seen Prince in Paris, running on a boulevard...
But I occasionally write letters in my mind...

In a previous post I mentioned that my son's favorite word was kiss.

and yes, I am never running around without sun burnt too many times when I was younger!