Monday, July 19, 2010

West Meadow Beach - Stony Brook

From this point, the West Meadow beach is on the left (north-est) side.
To know more about the little brown cottage, Stony Brook and the Three Villages, I recommend you read what Soundbounder has to say (he has nice winter photos and his blog is always an excellent source of information for all the Long Island Sound area!).

 The mouth bars are supposed to be changing their shape continuously

In the past months I have been hanging around the Stony Brook and Three Villages area a lot.
Earlier this summer I spent some time with the kids walking and having picnics between the harbor and the Wetland Preserve in Stony Brook and visiting the Long Island Museum, where an interesting carriage exhibition took me back in the history of means of transportation on Long Island and the US altogether.

I had the chance to walk in East Setauket, Old Field and Poquott (here we were looking for a house about a year ago, but I opposed any waterfront  option for fear of flooding and strong winds).

One place I didn't know about was the West Meadow Beach.

This is a great spot, especially in the morning at low tide.
The beach is not sandy, and actually the stones are bigger than in other places, but once one gets to the water, there are very few pebbles and  - especially if you have kids, like me - you will love that the water is shallow, with sand bars after a few feet.

West Meadow is one of the most relaxing beaches around, and one of the smelliest: in fact, at low tide everything smells different, but I found that here there was a quite strong sea-weed scent I always have to associate with the very concept of sea, together with saltiness. (Next time we'll talk about my love for sea-weed).

I ignored the existence of this corner (advertising the existence of a beach is not a well known concept) until couple of weeks ago, when a friend bounced me a list of pools and beaches offering swimming lessons for our daughters,  one of these being West Meadow Beach.

Anyway, it seems that - before becoming the idyllic and family friendly spot it is, West Meadow had its own controversies (the same old story of people putting their hands on public land and making it their own until it hurts) but in the end I am glad I can enjoy this place, at least until the jellyfish starts getting annoying.

To find useful information about West Meadow Beach you might read this page or maybe take part to one of the sunset seminars. These sound like fun!


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oh, that looks lovely! I would love to join you there, I'm a beach type of girl :-)

So glad the controversy is over and you can enjoy this lovely spot!

Mari said...

Hi Elisa!I love going to the beach too, the kids are just smiling all the time and my little on especially keeps saying "water water water water", so sweet!
So glad I can spend the summer here!