Monday, August 9, 2010

Cutchogue - beaching around...

View of the Bay from the New Suffolk Park

Houses in Cutchogue are very pretty, I am totally envious...

Sweet memories of my childhood are almost all related to summers spent at the beach (back in Italy).
My nose memory recalls the smell of sunscreen, granita alla menta (crushed ice with mint syrup), watermelon, seaweed...
Growing up, the thing became a little wilder, with a "gang" of cousins my age, poetry, bonfires, the guy with the guitar and the dark eyes, a good amount of fun and very little sleep.

Now, sleep has become more important and I can do without the guitar guy, but one thing didn't change:

I still like sitting on the sand and staring at the horizon. Don't need anything special (although crosswords would be a fantastic companion), just to let the thoughts float.
This kind of pastime, which is close relative with inner peace and absentmindedness, is something I am always looking forward to.
Why?Because now I am a mom who's taking care of two kids who are, hopefully, having their fun.

Before the fun begins, I have to wake up early to prepare some lunch, snacks, collect toys, sunscreen, hats, bathing suites and so on, but it makes me very happy when I find a nice spot where everybody is having a good time.

One of these places is in Cutchogue, in the town of Southold. It's a quiet, clean and very relaxed place.
The little playground from which one can enter the beach is perfect for a shady rest or a picnic (yes, there are some tables!)

Of course you can also meet some nice friends there...

who knows if the duck ever turned into a princess after the kiss?

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