Thursday, August 5, 2010

Design Connections

Admittedly, I love design and home design magazines.
But this one is more than just about design; in fact the cover is by a friend of mine, Elena, who - hopefully - will be visiting New York in October.

I haven't seen her in ages, but I definitely connect her with a positive moment of my life, having a good time during (and after) school.
And also with a special sketch (she was always good in drawing) of me and my beloved one (better looking than in real life of course!) engaged in a kiss,  subtitled "I need to do some experiment", as the philosopher Hume would say.
That was hanging on the classroom's wall for a while, triggering some interesting question from teachers!
Do you remember that, Elena?



elena said...

how can I forget!? Sounds like: "mi sto sperimentando di G." :)

See you soon Mary
.. and thanks a lot!

Mari said...

That's the accurate version...
Oh boy!
See you soon girl!